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Perco Rentals is proud to be a premier PRINOTH dealer, and we carry a wide variety of the powerful Panther models. PRINOTH is the leader in rubber tracked crawler carriers who boast low ground pressure and deliver exceptional performance, speed and versatility. PRINOTH tracked vehicles can be used in the most challenging environments, feature a massive payload and can work with multiple attachments including diggers, dumb beds, cranes and more.

Prinoth Crawler Carriers

The PANTHER T6 low ground pressure tracked vehicle operates efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively in unimaginable off-road & weather conditions. With its truck-style chassis, this rubber tracked crawler carrier is compatible with virtually all implements, without modifications. The PANTHER T6 delivers exceptional performance, speed and versatility in a wide range of sectors such as mining, construction, oil and gas, and electric utility.

Panther T6 Specifications Sheet

The powerful PRINOTH PANTHER T8 tracked vehicle is the most versatile rubber tracked crawler carrier that fits just about any implement to its 860 mm (34 in.) truck-inspired chassis with little to no modification. The PANTHER T8 effortlessly carries up to 7,260 kg (16,000 lb) worth of heavy equipment, materials and supplies to any worksite while exerting very low ground pressure.

Panther T8 Specifications Sheet

Prinoth's PANTHER T12 crawler carrier is a powerful and versatile tracked vehicle. Just about any implement can be fitted to the PANTHER’s 860 mm (34 in.) truck-inspired chassis with little to no modifications, making installation simple and easy. The PANTHER T12 effortlessly carries up to 11 340 kg (25 000 lb) worth of heavy equipment, materials and supplies out to the worksite while exerting very low ground pressure.

Panther T12 Specifications Sheet

The PANTHER T14R Tracked Rotating Dump Vehicle offers the highest speed combined with the highest payload in its class and will set new standards for productivity and mobility. Presenting a patent-pending innovation called a direction reset, which essentially allows the operator to reset the vehicle’s upper and lower portions’ alignment (front to back) by simply pushing a button, PRINOTH's rotating vehicle allows the continuous rotation of the upper portion of the vehicle independent from the undercarriage. With its 13,200 kg (29,100 lb.) payload capacity, this rubber tracked crawler carrier has the largest payload of any vehicle of this type in its category. The rotating separation of this vehicle allows the operator to work in tight, sensitive areas where other vehicles do not have access.

Panther T14R Specifications Sheet

Panther T16 Crawler Carrier

The PANTHER T16 tracked carrier vehicle hauls digger derricks, aerial devices, cranes, drills, and more into the most challenging terrain where ground conditions prohibit the use of a wheeled vehicle. Operators can more easily complete work on rugged terrain as well as in locations that demand low ground pressure and traction. Equipped with the latest microcontroller technology, that monitors everything from oil pressure and vehicle parameters to outside air temperature, the PANTHER T16 is a reliable work tool backed by a powerful Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced safety features.

Panther T16 D-Dent Tracks Specifications Sheet

Panther T16 Dump Body with Rubber Tracks Specifications Sheet

Panther T16 with Rubber Tracks Specifications Sheet

The TrakVac is a first of its kind vacuum module mounted on a crawler carrier buggy. It combines the agility of a crawler carrier to access hard to reach areas with the technology to use hydro excavation where traditional digging is harder to achieve close to underground utilities and pipelines. The prototype utilizes the Panther T12 model but can be installed on several different models. The vacuum unit works similarly to Ledwell’s Blower Vacuum Truck with a 7 gpm, 3,000 psi high pressure water system and 1600 cfm vacuum blower. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 55,000 pounds and a ground pressure of six pounds per square inch.

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