Prinoth at a Pipeline site

Key industries

Pipeline and Construction Maintenance

Our goal is to provide you the right solution for your pipeline or construction job. We have a variety of crawler carriers that be customized as well as many other types of equipment to support you on your job site.


Energy and Utility Construction Maintenance

Utility construction and maintenance are essential. This includes electrical power, oil, gas, solar, water and sewer utilities and even underground fiber optic networks. We have a complete line of equipment to help you get your job done, safely, timely and efficiently using specialized equipment for vulnerable areas and to minimize earth disturbance and damage to the area.


Disaster Recovery

Cleaning, repair and rebuilding after a natural disaster requires specialized equipment than can withstand many types of hazards, terrain and situations. Our fleet is equipped to handle most any situation.


Environmental Remediation

Reclamation or remediation of the environment also means creating less impact on the land. Our fleet of crawler carriers and other equipment can be adapted to work in many situations using a variety of vehicle modifications. This has also grown to include construction of solar farms and the effort to support clean, renewable energy sources.


Additional Industries

With a wide range of heavy industrial equipment to portable equipment, we can find a solution to whatever your needs are, from long-term, large-scale projects to shorter-term rentals.

Insulated Power Lines
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