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Custom Fabrication

We specialize in custom fabrication solutions to create a piece of equipment to meet your specific needs. PERCO Rentals began our custom solutions efforts with the concept and design of the TrakVac, a vacuum module mounted on a PRINOTH Panther T12 and engineered and mounted on a Ledwell bed. This innovative partnership helped to create an efficient and effective piece of equipment designed for especially tight or sensitive areas that would be more difficult for a traditional vacuum truck to access.

Since then, we continue our efforts to design custom solutions for any job you may have.

The TrakVac is a first of its kind vacuum module mounted on a crawler carrier buggy. It combines the agility of a crawler carrier to access hard to reach areas with the technology to use hydro excavation where traditional digging can be more difficult close to underground utilities and pipelines. The prototype utilizes the Panther T12 model but can be installed on several different models. The vacuum unit works similarly to Ledwell’s Blower Vacuum Truck with a 7 gpm, 3,000 psi high pressure water system and 1600 cfm vacuum blower. It has a gross vehicle weight rating of 55,000 pounds and a ground pressure of six pounds per square inch.

TrakVac Spec Sheet

Sandblast Rig

The Sandblast Rig can be mounted on multiple models of the crawler carrier using a Doosan Air Compressor (shown with a Doosan 375 model).

Hydroseeders efficiently spread seed and fertilizer over large areas and is the most effective method of establishing turf and controlling erosion.

Spreader machines mounted on rubber tracked carriers reduce impact on the environment as you work to restore it or to seed, fertilize and spread lime.

The TrakVac 650 builds on the power and versatility of the TrakVac, a crawler carrier mounted with a vacuum module. The TrakVac 650 finds a middle ground with a 650 capacity tank which is interchangeable and can accommodate multiple types of equipment including a crane, digger, sandblast rig, flat bed and much more.

Ledwell Vacuum_TrakVac650

Ledwell Pole Trak Trailer

The Ledwell Trak Pole Trailer is exclusively designed and manufactured for PERCO Rentals to transport utility poles and materials.

Trak Pole Trailer Spec Sheet

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