Track and Skid Steer Loader Safety Tips

While these loaders are fantastic pieces of equipment that help us get nearly any job done with their wide range of attachments, they do have some inherit dangers like any other piece of equipment. We take for granted how they are simple to operate, versatile, and make those long jobs shorter, but operators don’t often consider safety when using them.

While we clean, maintain, and make sure all equipment is safe to use, we can only provide a few tips to our customers on how to operate them safely. With that being said, here are a few tips on how to operate this popular equipment safely.

How to operate track and skid steer loaders safely:

  1. All bystanders should stay back at a safe distance. When you are raising and lowering attachments, be aware of where bystanders are. If you need a bystander to assist you, lower the attachment to a secured position, and turn the machine off until the bystander is clear again.
  2. Track and skid steer loaders are not designed to have a second occupant. Never allow additional riders in the seat, or anywhere else on the loader, including bucket attachments.
  3. When entering or leaving the loader, maintain three points of contact with the machine at all times. This will help lower your risk of injury from loosing your balance, or slipping.
  4. Be aware of the balance of the machine. You can manage the center of gravity of the machine by controlling speed, load height, and direction of travel.
  5. Watch out for overhead obstructions such as power lines, and keep the terrain in mind as well.
  6. Wear your seat belt and lower the seat bar, if available. This will help you in case of a rollover and also prevent you from falling from the equipment.
  7. Travel slow when conditions or visibility require. You will be able to maintain better control of the equipment at a slower speed.

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